Trading Rules

Harmonised Trading Rules

Securities admitted to NYSE Euronext’s regulated markets are traded on a single electronic platform under harmonised market and trading rules. The rules that govern trading on the regulated markets are featured in the first of two rule books produced for our members and available for download in the Regulation section. Trading rules for securities admitted to NYSE Euronext’s regulated markets (cash and derivatives) are covered in chapter 4, of Book I: Harmonised Rules (effective 13 September, 2010).

Non-Harmonised Trading Rules

While the majority of trading rules are applicable to all NYSE Euronext venues—Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris—some markets operated by NYSE Euronext are governed by market-specific rules, such as the Euronext Investment Funds Service, the market for open-ended investment funds listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.

To keep our members fully informed, NYSE Euronext lists all documentation pertaining to trading rules, or changes to trading rules, in the Regulation section.