Alicia Suminski, Head of Market and Product Development, NYSE Euronext

Retail Matching Facility

"a more competitive, transparent environment for retail investors  than they currently achieve through bilateral, internal arrangements with intermediaries."

Euronext’s unique Single Order Book allows investors to trade, clear and settle in a uniform way across all of its markets and its common state of the art technology UTP, combine to generate significant efficiencies for clients. Together they enhance liquidity, lower costs and facilitate access to capital markets making Euronext’s market quality unrivalled, with market depth eight times the size of the average transaction and the lowest blue-chip spread in Europe.

Market Quality

Market quality is a key differentiating factor for investors and brokers when selecting a trading venue. Given the variety of choices for places to trade, there is an implicit search cost. The higher the quality of a market the lower the explicit costs will be for the investor, assuring therefore a better quality of execution.


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Market Status

Updated operational status details on the Universal Trading Platform. 

Connecting to our cash markets

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