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Listings eXchange

NYSE Euronext's new pan-European newsletter serving issuers intermediaries with the latest listing news.

Looking for something specific? The resource library is your place to start. Dedicated to helping our customers, this is simply another valuable information-sharing service provided by NYSE Euronext. Whether you are looking for specific statistical data or a rundown of the latest listing and trading fees, the NYSE Euronext resource library has got it covered. Updated daily, this section is where you will find all the educational, historical and technical information you need to better understand NYSE Euronext.


Access a wide selection of books, brochures, newsletters and periodicals that address new investment and trading concepts and give insights into the world’s leading companies.  More

Rules & Regulations

Learn about the NYSE Euronext markets structure, our national regulators, harmonized trading rules and much more.  MORE

Reports & Statistics

Make better informed trading decisions with the help of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports covering all our markets and our products.  MORE

Listed Company Publications

Read the latest official publications released by NYSE Euronext's listed companies.  More

Technical Documentation

Technical specifications for the Universal Trading Platform, as well as the Business & Technology Roadmap.  More

Language Translator

Try our language translator application, compatible with the iPhone and BlackBerry.  More

Exchange Documents

Covers all trade announcements, notices and market related info flashes.  MORE

Member Forms

Become a member or expand your trading activities to our other markets.  More