Commited to Reform

With European political leaders having made redefining the contours of financial market regulation a priority, NYSE Euronext is committed to bringing issuers' voices to the table in the discussions to come. Marc Lefèvre, Director Listings Coverage-Europe, explains this public commitment.

"European legislators have embarked upon an ambitious program for 2010-2012, spanning new legislation and the revision of existing directives on securities exchanges, market infrastructure, clearing, derivatives trading, transparency and corporate governance.

"As a major player on the stock exchanges in Europe and the United States, NYSE Euronext is very involved in these reforms and wishes to play a decisive role in defining an appropriate legislative framework for our issuer clients, by actively collaborating with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the member states.

"For example, NYSE Euronext recently published detailed and substantive comments on the functioning of the current regulatory regime for securities trading within the European Union, in the context of consultations for MiFID reform.

"These issues are of strategic importance for listed companies. The teams in charge of NYSE Euronext listings, together with the new European Government Affairs and Public Advocacy team, are available to discuss these topics at your convenience.”