NYSE Euronext Regulations

The NYSE Euronext Regulation section gathers the Rules issued by Euronext as market operator to frame the organization of the European markets of NYSE Euronext. The Euronext Rule Book for the Regulated Markets currently consists of two books:

  • Book I contains the Harmonised Rules, including rules of conduct and of enforcement, designed to protect the markets, as well as rules on listing, trading and membership.
  • Book II contains all rules of the individual markets that have not yet been harmonised.

The MTFs operated by Euronext have their own dedicated organisational memos.

Notices implement and interpret the provisions of the Euronext Rule Books. The Notices adopted by Euronext for the enforcement of Book I apply to all Euronext markets (unless otherwise specified), while those for the enforcement of Book II are specific to local jurisdictions. The regulators in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom have approved the market rules, either collectively (Book I) or in respect to their own jurisdictions (Book II). These market rules are without prejudice to the relevant E.U. regulations and National Regulations (i.e., those in force in the above-named countries) applicable to the Euronext Market Undertaking organizing such markets, the companies listed on them and the members active thereon.

Euronext Securities Markets Regulation

This subsection gathers the Euronext Rules applicable to the Euronext Securities Markets. These markets are Regulated Markets, within the meaning of MiFID.

In addition to Book I, Chapter 4, the Trading Manuals gather the Rules applicable to trading in the Euronext Securities Markets.

The rules applicable to Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs), within the meaning of the MiFID, are presented in dedicated documents for each MTF (organizational memos). The rules of the MTF may refer to rules applicable to the Regulated Markets.