Trading Fees on the Euronext Cash Markets

Trading in equities and rights on Euronext’s regulated cash markets is charged according to the trading mechanism (auction, continuous, trading-at-last) and depending on  the level of liquidity. The fee scheme has been designed to offer lower tariffs on the most liquid equities while continuing to encourage liquidity elsewhere in the order book. A harmonised structure ensures that all customers may benefit from the same trading fee, with no distinction between activity types.

Euronext does not charge one-off joining or annual membership fees.

For full details of the Euronext Cash Markets trading fee structure, please download a copy of the current Trading Fee Guide.

Connectivity Fees

Members are charged for their order entry session, or SLE, connections (i.e., those dedicated, logical connections between each individual member and Euronext’s Universal Trading Platform). See the SLE Pricing and Capacity Overview for more information.Members are also charged for access to TCS Web, the Web-based version of our trade confirmation system. Access via the trading platform or e-TCS is free. In addition, members and application service providers (ASPs) are charged a connection fee by NYSE Technologies. Please contact Technology Partnerships for further details regarding connection costs.

Technology Partnerships
Phone: +44 (0)207 379 2417

Clearing and Settlement Costs

Euronext clearing and settlement partners charge fees for their services. For details, please contact the relevant organization directly.



Euronext derivatives markets Fees and Charges

The document below provides full details of subscriptions, fees and charges for Euronext products and services.

Our Account Management Teams are available to answer any questions. Click here for local contacts.

Subscription Package Single Stock Futures

Euronext offers a subscription package for trades in Single Stock Futures (SSFs) that are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris derivatives markets and that have an underlying value which is listed on one of the Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon or Paris cash markets. With the subscription package members pay a fixed amount per year and all postings larger than a certain size are free of charge. All the details of the subscription package are shown on the subscription form, which members need to complete if they want to subscribe. The subscription form can be found below. 

Euronext Derivatives markets fees and charge