Admission Process

How to Become a Euronext Trading Member
The onboarding process is coordinated by the Onboarding and Client Administration team, up until you start trading.

The membership process is simple and straightforward:

1. Submit Documentation

2. Connect to the Market
Finalize technical connectivity choice and clearing/settlement contracts.

3. Configure and Test Your Connection
Once you are connected, your trading, clearing and settlement access will be configured simultaneously. Validation of order entry by Euronext takes place through conformance tests. You and your clearing partner should also conduct an end-to-end test (from order entry to clearing & settlement) before going live. A technical session will then take place to finalize your technical configuration.

4. Begin Trading
Once IT, Clearing and Legal teams have confirmed your readiness, the Onboarding and Client Administration team will confirm your start-up date with you for a Tuesday or Thursday morning.