Market Segmentation

All companies admitted to listing/trading with any of NYSE Euronext’s markets are automatically segmented into one of three groups by market capitalization. This classification allows investors to distinguish between companies with small, medium and large capitalizations:

  • Segment A—market cap: > €1 billion
  • Segment B—market cap:    €150 million to €1 billion
  • Segment C—market cap: < €150 million

In addition, the NYSE Euronext list is organized in a way that allows companies to position themselves on the basis of three factors beyond market cap:

International sector classification: All NYSE Euronext sector indices are based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), the industry standard for international exchanges.

Liquidity profile: There are three liquidity profiles on the cash markets. Highly liquid companies are continuously traded; companies can also be traded at double daily-auction or single daily-auction. Less liquid companies may benefit from the presence of a Liquidity Provider.

Indices: The group has a portfolio of over 450 benchmark indexes, including pan-European and national, as well as a series of local mid-cap and small-cap indices.