ICB Classification

Industry Classification Benchmark

More than 1,450 companies listed on the NYSE Euronext European Regulated Markets are classified using the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) classification system. Developed by Dow Jones Indexes and FTSE, the system contains over 60,000 companies and 65,000 securities worldwide and is used globally to divide the market into increasingly specific categories, allowing investors to compare industry trends between well-defined subsections.

The principal aim of the ICB is to categorize individual companies into subsectors, based primarily on a company’s major source of revenue. It provides buy-side traders and their sell-side counterparties with a standardized base for analysis, equity selection and performance measurement. For more information, please visit the ICB website.

ICB Structure

The ICB contains a four-tier, hierarchical, industry-classification structure. It is a comprehensive system for sector and industry analysis, facilitating the comparison of companies across four levels of classification.

There are 10 industries and, within these, 19 supersectors, 41 sectors and 114 subsectors. Each equity is uniquely classified, based on the company’s primary revenue source, in one of these 114 subsectors.

The industry and supersector tiers are designed to reflect and facilitate current sector-based investment strategies. To run a search on NYSE Euronext’s listed companies using the ICB structure, please visit the Equities Directory section.