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Euronext is the home of 878 listed companies with a market capitalization of 2,592 billion Euro (DEC 2013).

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) classifies NYSE Euronext’s European cash markets as a regulated market. As such, the real-time monitoring performed by NYSE Euronext’s cash market operations and technical support is formally enforced, and our trading rules and procedures are approved by our five regulators. This regulatory and organizational system gives NYSE Euronext the power to efficiently manage crisis situations and extraordinary circumstances.

Five Separate Cash Marketplaces

NYSE Euronext has successfully integrated five marketplaces on an open federal basis to create the first transnational exchange in Europe.

Market Model

NYSE Euronext market operations representatives ensure a safe trading environment, while liquidity providers improve volume and trading quality.

A Single Order Book TES

Our cross-border harmonized European Rule Book has considerably reduced our clients’ compliance burden and execution costs. Visit the trading section for more details.  more


Clearing is fully guaranteed for all securities through LCH.Clearnet.  More

A Single Platform

Cash products are traded on the Universal Trading Platform, which offers the same market structure for all listed companies.  more

Market Status

Updated operational status details on the Universal Trading Platform.  MORE


Learn about NYSE Euronext's trading facilities and methodologies.  More


Each of the NYSE Euronext marketplaces holds an exchange license granted by the relevant national exchange regulatory authority and operates under its supervision. However, each market operator is also subject to national laws and regulations in its jurisdiction in addition to the requirements imposed by the national exchange authority.  more

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Browse the Equities listed and traded on NYSE Euronext.  More