Market Model

NYSE Arca Europe Attributes


Orders are displayed in the Order Book according to Price/Time priority

Order Types Order Parameters
Validity Execution Transparency
  • Limit Orders
  • Market to limit Orders
  • Peg Orders
  • Good-for-day
  • Good-till-time
  • Immediate-Or-Cancelled (IOC)
  • Minimum Quantity
  • Reserve order
  • Guaranteed cross trades
Reference price Collars logic
Last Traded Price (LTP)
on NYSE Arca Europe
(or Last Adjusted Closing
Price from the Market of
  • Dynamic collar logic:

>Orders are executed until the collars
>Dynamic thresholds apply in order to prevent mis-pricing of trades.

  • If a buy or sell order entered into the NYSE Arca Europe Trading Platform would inevitably result in a price beyond the collar, a reservation period on the Financial Instrument will be initiated until further notice.

>During the reservation period, NYSE Arca Europe may temporarily prohibit the entry of orders. Before resumption of trading, NYSE Arca Europe will cancel any remaining orders.

Collars price range = [Reference Price - 10%; Reference Price + 10%]

and Cycle
Trading Calendar Trading Cycle
  • Follows local market practices
  • NYSE Arca Europe will
    generally be open all year,
    except for: Weekends, New
    Year's Day, Good Friday,
    Easter Monday, May 1st,
    Christmas Day and Boxing Day
  • Single continuous trading session from 9:00 to 17:30 CET (8:00 to 16:30 GMT)
  • Call phase, auction phase and late trading session will not be available on NYSE Arca Europe
Trading suspension Trade Cancelation
  • In case the security is suspended for regulatory reasons in the most relevant marketplace
  • In case of (1) violation of the rules or (2) order execution under improper conditions