An international issuer with an existing admission to trading on a regulated market that wishes to transfer to NYSE Euronext London will need to take the following steps:

Requirements to become admitted to NYSE Euronext London 

  • Notify the UK Listing Authority of its intention to have its securities admitted to trading on NYSE Euronext London;
  • Submit an application form for admission to trading on NYSE Euronext London.An application form can be found in the Forms and Aplication section;
  • If the issuer has been admitted to trading on another regulated market for more than 18 months, publish a summary document under the Prospectus Rules in consultation with the UK Listing Authority. If the issuer been admitted to trading for less than18 months, or was admitted to trading prior to July 1983, a prospectus will need to be approved and published under the Prospectus Rules before the securities can be admitted to NYSE Euronext London; and
  • Announce its successful admission to trading in accordance with the NYSE Euronext London and UK Listing Authority rules.

Requirements to cancel existing admission to trading

  • Notify the UK Listing Authority of its intention to cancel its existing admission to trading following admission to NYSE Euronext London;
  • Notify the original regulated market and following the procedures set out in its rules to discontinue admission to trading following the admission of its securities to trading on NYSE Euronext London; and
  • Make any public announcements required under the rules of the existing regulated market and/or competent authority of its intention to cancel admission and the fact that cancellation has occurred.