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Is this market right for my company?

Is this market right for my company?

The first key question a company must answer when considering an admission to listing/trading!


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Alternext offers simplified market access and fewer obligations for small to mid-cap companies (SMEs).  More

Free Markets

The Free Markets provide small companies with easy access to an IPO without specific disclosure requirements.  More

A draw for domestic and international investors alike, the regulated European markets of NYSE Euronext are renowned for stringent listings and governance standards, an unmatched network of corporations, and the ability to trade and raise capital in the leading world currencies, including euros and dollars.

Main eligibility criteria
   Euronext European Regulated Markets Alternext Free Markets
Free float Minimum of 25% of share capital or 5% if this represents at least EUR 5 million

EUR 2.5 million (public offer)
EUR 2.5 million (private placement within one year with a minimum of three investors)
EUR 2.5 million (on another market)

Track record Three years financial statements At least two years financial statements Two years of fincial statements recommended
Accounting standards IFRS or equivalent accounting standards (including US, Canada, China and Japan) EEA Company: IFRS or national GAAP
Non-EEA Company: IFRS or equivalent accounting standards (in case of public offer) and IFRS, equivalent accounting standards (including US, Canada, China and Japan) or national accounting standards with reconciliation table (in case of private placement or direct listing)
Optional IFRS or national accounting standards
Prospectus / Information Document Prospectus approved by Competent Authority Prospectus approved by Competent Authority or Information Document (not requiring approval from the Competent Authority) in case of a EUR2.5 million private placement or direct listing Prospectus approved by the Regulator in case of a public offer



  • NYSE Euronext European Central Order Book trading volumes had an average daily turnover of €6.5 ($8.7) billion in 2010.
  • Primary listings alone had a total market capitalization of €2.19 ($2.93) trillion in 2010.
  • In 2010, 78 companies joined NYSE Euronext raising €611.7 ($811.8) million.

Products and Services

From advanced capital market intelligence to our broad network of international business and thought leaders in Europe, Asia, and the United States, the Euronext Market Access Center Europe offers unrivalled advantages to our listed companies.  More

International Listings

International companies that list on the European markets of Euronext receive a competitive pricing structure, state-of-the-art technology and a streamlined administration process.  More

Account Advisors

The Euronext professional team will help your company navigate through the legal and accounting procedures, submit forms and applications, and launch an IPO.  More

Listing Fees

To issue initial public shares and maintain a listing on Euronext’s regulated markets, a company is accountable for several types of fees.  More

Market Status

Updated operational status details on the Universal Trading Platform.  MORE

NYSE Euronext London

NYSE Euronext, the world's leading and most liquid exchange group, offers international issuers the opportunity to raise capital through and list their securities on a new London market.  More

Universal Trading Platform

The Universal Trading Platform concentrates liquidity and order flow to improve market efficiency and lower the cost of capital for our issuers.  More