Raise Capital

More than any other reason, business leaders decide to take companies public to raise capital without incurring debt.

  1. Through a listing
    In addition to providing capital, going public also reinforces equity and helps diversifying financing sources. By carrying out a capital increase or issuing negotiable securities (such as shares, convertible bonds, warrants, OCEANE bonds), the company reinforces its equity and obtains a substantial cash position.
  2. Wider network of investors
    This solution satisfies investors by giving them access to the share capital of a company while also guaranteeing the independence of majority shareholders. Furthermore, the listed company status enhances the company’s credibility towards financial institutions and generally allows for more favorable borrowing terms.

Marc Lefevre"An IPO is often the best way to raise capital.  And people find that raising money by going public, and then later through secondary offerings, is in many ways better than the alternatives". Marc Lefevre, Director Listings Coverage - Europe

Finance your Growth

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