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Les engagements pris en faveur des PME-ETI

Interview de Marc Lefevre, Directeur Relations Emetteurs et Développement Commercial, Europe, NYSE Euronext.

From advanced capital-market intelligence to our broad network of international business and thought leaders in Europe, Asia and the United States, NYSE Euronext offers unrivalled advantages to its listed companies.


ExpertLine is a personalized advice and information service run by market experts that allows issuers to get real-time information on events that may influence their share price.  More


Trading on NYSE Euronext markets allows for rapid execution, the best pool of liquidity, the security of a regulated market, strong settlement services and shows unmatched visibility on the size of the Central Order Book.  More


Throughout the year, NYSE Euronext® offers training workshops and information sessions for listed companies, to keep you up to date on changes in regulations and in the financial markets.  More

Investor Outreach

Seminars, events, publications, and themed road shows help companies to meet institutional investors interested in their shares, and analysts that specialize in their industry.  More

Data Insight

Track every aspect of your company’s trading and get data sent to your desktop or smartphone.  More


Connect is a secure website tool dedicated to listed companies.  More

Web Alerts

Don’t let anyone beat you to market and trading information! Follow your equity in real time with Web Alerts.  More

Account Management: Client Coverage

A group of dedicated Account Managers will keep in close contact with listed companies for the duration of their listing.  More

Institutional Insight

Institutional Insight is a global NYSE Euronext service that allows you to identify institutional investors with positions in your company, all from ConnectMore