Continuing Obligations

Issuers admitted to trading on NYSE Euronext London and with a listing on the UK Official List are required to meet the ongoing disclosure obligations as set out respectively in the NYSE Euronext London rulebook and the Listing Rules of the UK Listing Authority. These obligations include amongst others:

  • Periodic financial reports;
  • Major shareholder notification;
  • Disclosure of price sensitive information; and
  • Reporting of transactions by officers, directors and related persons.

The UK Corporate Governance Code and Takeover Code

Home country governance practices apply for international issuers admitted on NYSE Euronext London and adherence to the detailed provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code is on a voluntary, “comply or explain” basis for issuers with a Premium Listing, although it will need to disclose how it has applied the main principles underlying the Code. An Issuer with a Standard Listing of shares or depositary receipts is required to publish a Corporate Governance statement detailing its approach to Corporate Governance. International issuers admitted to trading on NYSE Euronext London and incorporated outside the European Economic Area will not be subject to the UK Takeover Code. Parts of the UK Takeover Code will apply to international issuers incorporated in another European Economic Area country outside the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and who have their primary listing in the UK.