Listing Agents

The Listing Agent(s) support(s) the issuer’s application to listing.

The Listing Agent is defined as a legal person assisting the issuer with the admission to listing of securities on a NYSE Euronext regulated market.

The Listing Agent must be authorized by NYSE Euronext to perform the following tasks:

  1. Take part in the admission of securities to listing.
  2. Assist the issuer with preparing the information documents and with the application procedure set out in the Euronext Rule Book I (Chapter 6).
  3. Carry out the placement of the securities (if applicable).

The Listing Agent shall have at its disposal sufficient and experienced human resources in order to ensure the proper fulfillment of the above mentioned obligations.

The Listing Agent’s obligations are laid down in an agreement signed with the issuer.

For more information on the role of the Listing Agent and its duties, please refer to the Euronext Rule Book I and Notice 6-01.