Institutional Insight

Institutional Insight is a global NYSE Euronext service that allows you to identify institutional investors with positions in your company, all from Connect. Institutional Insight is driven by the FactSet LionShares database, a comprehensive tool for analyzing, monitoring and managing investor relations. The LionShares database identifies institutions and mutual funds with investments in 33,000 listed companies on financial exchanges worldwide. It covers all the equity positions held by more than 3,700 firms, 24,000 funds and over 100,000 other stakeholders.

With Institutional Insight, you can:

  1. Monitor your shareholder base: Identify the various shareholder categories: institutions (segmented into hedge funds, brokers and hedgers), mutual funds and insiders.
  2. Gather competitive intelligence: View investors’ equity positions in your peers: comprehensive view of positions in your competitors across all global financial exchanges.
  3. Manage your investor relations: Target your investors ahead of a road show: compile files by downloading data on your shareholder base, with fields for management profile, investor region, contacts, phone numbers and email addresses.

Top 25: A Snapshot of your Biggest Investors

Benefit from an offer providing a view on the 25 largest professional investors holding your shares ('Top 25'), including insiders. Keep track on a continuous basis of professional investors with equity positions in your company and your peers’. Analyze changes in your investors’ positions over time (new investors, increased and decreased positions, sell-offs). Receive alerts that enable you to track changes in the equity positions of the main investors in your company and your competitors’. Broaden your investor contact base, a vital and a real Investors Relations tool.

Analyze the profile of your institutional investors:

  • geographic region (useful for preparing road shows)
  • percentage of shares outstanding
  • position history and change
  • breakdown of positions by fund and institution
  • managers’ contact details
  • investment profile

Full Service: Comprehensive Data on your Professional Shareholders

With the Full Service option, you can expand the Top 25 list to encompass all professional investors with a position in your company. Targeted on widely held companies, this functionality gives access to hundreds of investors and funds invested in your shares.

Multi-Level Filtering for Fine-Grained Analysis

  • By listed shares: access the portfolios of investors in all the equites listed on US, European and Asian markets.
  • By shareholder type: filter the positions taken by different categories of shareholders (institutions, mutual funds, hedgers).
  • By investment style: analyze investors’ positions by style (aggressive, value, blue chips, small and mid-caps).

Each filter comes with a data set, downloadable in Excel format that allows you to construct a snapshot of investors’ positions in any given equity, from the year 1999 to the present year.

One Month Free Access to Top 25

Try out Institutional Insight and its applications free of charge for one month, and view your 25 main institutional investors.

With Institutional Insight, you get an attractive package of services:

  • 13-month subscription to Institutional Insight (one month free).
  • Free subscription to the Alert service (Weekly Bulletin).
  • A weekly bulletin showing changes in your own institutional shareholder base and that of your competitors.

'Premium User' Status

As a Premium User, you can attend special training workshops run by NYSE Euronext to help you make the most of These sessions also give you the opportunity to express your needs and expectations.