NYSE Euronext manages, calculates and publishes indices of all sizes and profiles—global, national and by sector. These indices aim to represent the performance of the NYSE Euronext equity markets, and measure investor sentiment about the financial markets and the state of the economy.

Increase your Visibility and Liquidity

Inclusion in an index increases your equity’s visibility in the financial community and boosts trading volumes. The well-known and recognized NYSE Euronext indices make it possible to create numerous structured products and become key benchmarks for portfolio managers and investors.

Equity market indices are in effect used by professional fund managers to compare their investment performance with an undisputed, widely published benchmark. Inclusion in an index thus gives visibility to the companies used in the sample. For example, inclusion in an index has an effect on the number of financial analysts who cover the equity, thereby enhancing its reputation and liquidity.

There are various indices of all types, sizes and complementary profiles. It is not necessary to apply for inclusion in an index, just as a company cannot block its inclusion. NYSE Euronext offers its services to companies to explain the technical criteria used and the company’s position in respect of these criteria.