Increase Liquidity

A critical component of any stock market is liquidity—the presence of ready and willing buyers and sellers at all times. Because our markets are also used by high-frequency traders and large-scale traders, NYSE Euronext represents the deepest source of liquidity in Europe. Deeper liquidity increases trading, which leads to a tighter spread on the trading of your shares and eliminates the threat of volatile price fluctuations.

"The answer is often to go public, especially these days. The liquidity in our European pool is more than deep enough, because we are connected to institutional and retail investors all over Europe". Diederik Zandstra, NYSE Euronext Executive Director of International Listings

The benefits of deep liquidity extend to all your shareholders. While low liquidity and unclear pricing structures will complicate trading of shares in an unlisted company, going public provides the opportunity for the company’s initial investors to sell all of their shares at the time of the IPO (initial public offer), or gradually once the company is listed. They can also choose to increase their stake in the company through market offerings and share the risks with new shareholders while they benefit from the potential increase in the company’s value.