Improve Visibility

Listed-company status attests to a company’s solidity, openness to the outside world, and a desire to expand—all attractive qualities to the global business and financial communities.

Going public will improve your company’s image, and can ultimately turn your brand into an independent asset that generates revenue. During the launch of your IPO and beyond, NYSE Euronext’s team of visibility experts can help generate 'buzz' around your listed company brand through a customized series of brand-development workshops and events with institutional investors and listed-company leaders. For more information about NYSE Euronext’s unique range of marketing and visibility initiatives, review our Products and Services.

To meet transparency objectives and quality standards, listed companies must shoulder a range of commitments that enhance credibility. In addition to a sound development plan and regular communications, a listed company assumes obligations towards the financial community and individual shareholders. Some companies already have the structures needed to meet these requirements. For others, going public gives the opportunity to review organizational structure and to streamline operations, which can broaden your company’s pool of suppliers and clients.

Going public also has an internal, managerial impact, as it facilitates attracting new employees and changes dialogue within a company. Listed-company status involves employees in a unifying project, and to a certain extent, reflects the quality of the men and women working within the company to increase their value. Furthermore, publicly-traded companies typically offer attractive share-based payments (equity options, company savings plans etc.) that give employees a direct interest in the company that employs them.