Fast Path

What are the benefits?

  • Attract Europe-listed/Euro-currency only investment managers
  • Facilitate future capital raisings and/or business acquisitions - Euro listing
  • Innovative and simple way to increase visibility to business partners
  • Underline global reality and aspiration
  • Show commitment to the region and local employees
  • Take advantage of branding, visibility, IR and PR opportunities across Europe as well as our London platform

Please see further benefits and follow the latest updates on the status of our listings on our blog.

BioAmber, Inc. is opening the European markets to celebrate it becoming the first US company to have a dual listed IPO on both the NYSE and Euronext exchanges. Jean-Francois Huc, President and CEO alongside Mike Hartmann Executive Vice President and Babette Pettersen, Chief Commercial Officer are among those at the podium including other key European employees.