Corporate Advisors


Corporate Advisors

GENCAP joins NYSE Euronext as a Listing Sponsor.

Investment Bank

The investment bank is primarily responsible for organizing and implementing the IPO and frequently acts as intermediary between the company and the regulator.  More

Reporting Accountant

The reporting accountant plays a different role than the company’s existing auditors, but can be (and often is) a separate team in the same firm.  More

Corporate Lawyer

The role of the corporate lawyer is to help prepare the company for listing. Their main task is to producing a full due diligence report on the company.  More

Financial PR

Once a company has decided to list on NYSE Euronext’s regulated market, a financial communications adviser (the financial PR agency) will help to promote the company and its prospects to the investment community.  More

Liquidity Provider

Liquidity Providers (LPs) act as market makers in the NYSE Euronext cash market model's order-driven system. They bring greater price stability and distribute securities to both retail and institutional investors.  More

Listing Sponsor

NYSE Euronext has created a new status of adviser that not only prepares the company for listing, but also guides and counsels the company regarding its ongoing disclosure requirements.  More

Listing Agent

The Listing Agent assist the Issuer with the preperation of the required information documents and with the application procedure.  More