The online application Connect provides access to a dashboard of market-information tools, seamlessly integrated into one desktop solution. Dedicated to listed companies on the NYSE Euronext European Regulated Markets and on the NYSE Alternext markets, it is a combination of proprietary intra-day trading data, institutional ownership and real-time global trading information that enables you to stay on top of market activity, interpret market behavior and make informed decisions related to equity and capital.

Real-time Access to Share Data

Connect is a secure, personalized portal that can be accessed via an ordinary Internet connection, through which you can monitor and manage your share price performance. MyListing provides free, real-time access to your equity’s market sheet. We provide you with the same data as that used by professional brokers.

Connect offers:

  • MarketView
    Everything happening in the market that concerns your equity—real-time display of the share price and press releases, market notices and decisions with the main benchmarks and information on the derivatives markets.
  • Brokers Market Share
    Follow the key players in your equity every day with market share and trading volumes for the period by the top five brokers (buying and selling). Data, calculated on the basis of volumes traded in the central order book and offorder book transactions, can be downloaded in Excel daily, weekly and monthly.
  • End of Day Market Summary
    NYSE Euronext has developed a daily reporting service especially for companies listed on the NYSE Euronext European Regulated Markets and on the NYSE Alternext markets. Each day, after the market close, from 6 p.m. CET, the End of Day market summary gives you a report on the stock exchange and how your company’s shares have traded in the past session.
  • MTF Market Share
    The objective of this innovation is to provide reliable and comprehensive information on all transactions of your share. This new feature allows you to be aware of the fragmentation of the trading volume of your share between NYSE Euronext and the main alternative platforms such as BATS, Chi-X, Turquoise and Equiduct. First International stock exchange to provide full visibility on the fragmentation of your share, NYSE Euronext offers advanced technology to meet your expectations.
  • Market Quality
    Analyze share price trends, monthly statistics, peer group rankings, average trading volumes for the period, and your liquidity provider’s performance.
  • Price History
    Downloadable price history since 1999 for all companies listed on NYSE Euronext and NYSE Alternext, equity charts (technical analysis models, comparisons with indices, sectors or other companies).
  • Watch list
    Build your own list and follow prices and volumes on different periods, on your equity and your competitors at any time. This list can also be retrieved on the mobile version (see below).
  • Market Data
    A real-time view on the market: indexes, including composition; information on companies listed on NYSE Euronext (downloadable data and share prices); multi-criteria searches (sector, market capitalization, etc.), plus all the information on market rules and member firms.
  • Profile/Publishing
    A tool to communicate to the financial world with a strong impact, updating your financial calendar, your company profile presentation, and uploading your press releases.