Build Community

When a company goes public, it joins some of the most successful businesses in the world. NYSE Euronext encourages interaction within its listed company community, providing networking opportunities for executives and unique, proprietary access to best-business-practice seminars and even mutually beneficial business enterprises. For more information about events organised by NYSE Euronext review our Listed Company Events.

"Launching an IPO with us tells the world you have a mission and a plan, and in a very real way it tells the professional trading community you’ve got it together.  And it says even more than that to the community of global companies you are joining". Diederik Zandstra, NYSE Euronext Head of International Listings’

At the same time, listed companies join the NYSE Euronext community of Pan-European trading partners, opening trading of its shares to huge institutional and retail investors all over Europe. In 2011, NYSE Euronext’s state-of-the-art proprietary Universal Trading Platform technology will allow investors to trade NYSE Euronext listed-company shares, opening our markets to the largest pool of capital in the world.