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Products and Services

Products and Services

From advanced capital-market inteligence to our broad network of international business, NYSE Euronext Market Access Center Europe offers unrivalled advantages to our listed companies.

An integral part of the relationship between NYSE Euronext and its clients is the opportunity for listed companies to access a range of service offerings critical in helping to realize and maintain their company goals.

Account Management: Client Coverage

A group of dedicated Account Managers will keep in close contact with listed companies for the duration of their listing.  More

Marketing and Visibility

With NYSE Euronext, your shares will enjoy exceptional visibility within the financial community.  More


The NYSE Euronext listing team produces a number of different publications and newsletters to keep companies informed on different subjects interesting to them.  More

Take the Plunge

Once you decide to take your company public, Euronext will support you through the listing process – and beyond.  More

Increase your visibility in co-branding with NYSE Euronext

Actualisation du guide " Cadre et pratiques de communication financiere"

Présenté par les membres de l’Observatoire de la Communication Financière et par NYSE Euronext, le guide s’articule en trois parties :

  • Les « Principes Généraux de Communication Financière » rappellent l'esprit devant animer la politique de communication financière des émetteurs,
  • Le « Cadre de Communication Financière » s’attache à présenter sous un angle pratique les événements et situations de communication qui jalonnent la vie d'une entreprise cotée,
  • Les « Pratiques de Communication Financière ».

About NYSE Euronext

With more than 8,000 listed companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies, the NYSE Euronext cash markets represent nearly 40 percent of the world's equities trading—the most liquidity of any global exchange group. 

Why List with NYSE Euronext?

  • Liquidity advantage
  • Accountability
  • Visibility, marketing partnerships and brand leadership
  • Unmatched services
  • Listing options for companies of all sizes, industry sectors and geographies
  • Investor confidence in high listing and governance standards
  • Advanced technology, including global connectivity
  • Issuer advocacy
  • Established network and global community of corporate leaders


Diederik Zandstra, Head of International Listings

"What’s different about NYSE Euronext can be summed up from a relationship point of view: We focus on the marriage, not the wedding. As such, we customize our platform to help you realize your goals for the next ten, then twenty, then thirty years".