Bond Issues

Bond offer: new financing opportunity for SMEs and Mid Caps

NYSE Euronext’s response to financing difficulties facing SMEs and Mid Caps

SMEs are driving European innovation, growth and employment.

However, the current climate is making their traditional sources of financing difficult, in particular access to credit facilities from banks.

In view of these difficulties, NYSE Euronext has developed a new bond offering to enable companies listed on our markets to extend and diversify their sources of financing.

Previously, the preserve of corporations with large market capitalisations, the new bond offering will allow companies of all sizes listed on our markets to arrange bond issues and approach private investors. They will then be able to invest in developing projects and to put some of their savings back into the real  economy.

This initiative is yet another example of NYSE Euronext’s commitment to listed SMEs and Mid Caps, and of the support we offer to help them continue to develop.