UTP Market Data Protocol

The Universal Trading Platform Market Data Feed provides high speed real-time market data for NYSE Euronext markets via multicast. This feed is disseminated through the Exchange Data Publisher (XDP).

This protocol provides the following benefits:

Low Latency / Resiliency

  • Delivery based on a dual and identical multicast feed (over 100Mb or 1 Gb)
  • Sub millisecond latency under any sustained peak
  • Bandwidth control
  • Average message size of around 50-60 bytes
  • Fixed body message length and multi-message per packet

Common Market Data for all NYX Markets

  • Technical messages and headers common to all markets and asset classes on Universal Trading Platform
  • Common recovery mechanism for all markets on Universal Trading Platform
  • Re-transmission: request and answer in TCP/IP (limited packet size)
  • Refresh: request in TCP/IP and multicast answer


Message structure allows rich content to be accommodated whilst not impacting performance and latency.

Content is divided into:

  • Market information: referential data
  • Trade information
  • Quotes
  • Order book
  • Indices