Universal Trading Platform

Universal Trading Platform

The Universal Trading Platform offers unprecedented gains in speed and capacity and is an ultra-light, convenient, single point of access to all Euronext Markets.

The latest in a line of industry-leading trading systems

For an exchange venue to stay competitive in the digital age, it must consistently increase performance while decreasing costs. You need the ability to offer buy-side traders and sell-side brokers access to a variety of asset classes, from a single, integrated platform. And you have to be fast — lightning-fast.


Our Universal Trading Platform provides exchange venues with all the tools they need not only to compete, but also to grow. The Universal Trading Platform is the next generation of trading platforms, combining the best practices of all Euronext’s previous trading systems into one advanced architecture. The result is a system that supports all major asset classes and trading scenarios, while achieving sub-millisecond latency.


Because it runs on open source hardware, the Universal Trading Platform is also low-cost and fully scalable. Your trading platform should be as unique as your exchange. The Universal Trading Platform can be easily tailored to address any execution venue's specific needs with maximum speed and power — which is exactly the reason  why we use it here at  Euronext.

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