Market Data

Euronext Products

Euronext Products

Euronext Equities provides real-time full market-by-order depth, best limit quotes, and trades for all securities traded on the regulated markets platform for Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon markets.

To optimize trading decisions and fuel trade analytics, traders and IT professionals require immediate, direct access to the most accurate and timely information available. European market data is not consolidated, so Euronext has developed products and services to provide objective market information to financial institutions, individual investors, and data vendors—including Reuters and Bloomberg. Euronext provides the information you need to stay on top of the market.

Real-Time Market Data

Our main data service distributes real-time market data through data vendors, but traders and IT professionals can cut out the middlemen to receive information directly from the source.  More

Reference Data

Euronext provides timely, cost-effective corporate-action notifications, instrument static data, index composition data and market indicators.

  • Historical and Reference Data:’s easy-to-access file transfer subscription system offers customizable historical and reference data. Try a free demo.

Other information products

Euronext also provides historical, reference and corporate-action data, along with analytical data tools that identify market trends.  More

Market Status

Updated operational status details on the Universal Trading Platform.  MORE

Data Products

These feeds, files, services and reports bring you quality information from markets all over the world.  More