Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

NYSE Euronext has developed partnershipswith a number of accredited independent software vendors (ISVs) to meet the needs of member firms that do not wish to develop proprietary software connections to the NYSE Euronext European Cash Markets.

To customize access systems for member firms, ISVs are divided into two types.

  • ISV MAPI providers employ global IT hosting services.
  • ISVs offer front-end trading solutions that can be implemented at a member’s access point.

Each member firm has different NYSE Euronext market-access requirements. Some may develop bespoke trading and information applications, while others make use of accredited software. To review ISV options, please consult the Accredited Lists of ISVs, produced in collaboration with NYSE Euronext’s Technology Advisory Group, to find software solutions that best suit the unique business needs of traders and IT professionals.

NYSE Euronext ensures that ISV systems conform to rigorous criteria. The NYSE Euronext Technology Partnerships team can help existing and prospective members make the right ISV choices for their businesses.